Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coming together to commemorate a human tragedy

In this melting pot known as the United States of America, we are

always eager to celebrate the victories of our neighbors and the

memories of international icons.

Take, for example, the widely celebrated Cinco de Mayo

festivities, marking the victory of the Mexican Army against Spain,

or the popular St. Patrick's Day festivities in honor of the 5th

century patron saint of Ireland. Regardless of race, creed or

religion, people are more than willing to pick up a beer and toast to

the fallen heroes of the past.

Unfortunately, we rarely show the same solidarity when

commemorating the tragedies of our past. Seldom do we as Americans

recognize the tragedies within our own history, including the

wide-scale loss of life among African Americans and Native Americans

during the founding days of our nation. Instead, we compartmentalize

that section of history and leave it to those who were most

immediately affected to honor the memories of the victims.

Jewish organizations and individuals are often left responsible

for Holocaust commemoration -- they host events, workshops, memorial

services, vigils -- all in an effort to educate, raise awareness and

honor the memories of those who lost their lives in the Holocaust.

And Armenians are equally responsible for reminding the world of

their own tragic past -- the extermination of 1.5 million Armenians

between 1915 and 1923.

Yet, genocides are not unfortunate events for one group or

another. The negative impact of these horrific atrocities is not

limited to one country or one region. The loss of life on such a

large scale is a loss for all mankind. A tragedy of that magnitude

tears families apart, destroys countries, erases cultures and

traditions and mars the history of humankind. And, even more tragic

than the loss of life itself is the unwillingness to commemorate the

victims, honor the heroes and recognize the culprits in an effort to

prevent future atrocities. The propaganda put forth by Turkish

lobbying agencies disputing the facts of the Armenian Genocide, as

well as our own acquiescent federal government, highlight this

unfortunate setback in our fight against injustice. As a survivor

once said, "Not recognizing the past is killing [the victims] twice."

In the face of such massive crimes and injustices to humanity, it

is important for us to show solidarity as humans. As Armenians, we

join in solidarity with our fellow Jews, Cambodians, Rwandans,

Sudanese and all other victims of man's inhumanity to man.

On April 24, we ask you -- our neighbors, friends, co-workers,

teachers, students, colleagues and peers -- to join us in

commemorating the loss of 1.5 million lives. Let us stand together in

honoring those who died and who fight together for those lives that

can still be saved.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

St Pattys Day and Germany

So many updates!

I've been meaning to post a blog about my St. Patty's day weekend. But I've been slacking on the blogs. bleh. So here is the super quick summary. My cousins (Selina and Arbi) and my sister came to visit me for St. Patty's day weekend. We had a great time. I'm really bummed I didn't get to show them as much of Boston as I'd like - no North End, no tour of campus and Allston, no Christian Science Monitor and Pru... lots of stuff we skipped. But, I hope they will all be back for graduation and can do the tours then. In fact, you know when you go to a destination wedding and there is like an optional itinerary for you for your time there - I've already planned one out for my family while they're here. (To the fam: bring comfy shoes.) But as early as Friday night, all of boston seemed to be decked out in Green. We did some bar hopping on boylston. It was great. Saturday Jeff flew in from Buffalo AND... met the fam (or the "delegates/representatives" of the fam). He survived. In fact, they got along! Yay. Saturday night we had a great dinner and went to Hong Kong. Sunday, we WALKED (with) the Southie parade - like literally, walked from the back of the parade to almost the front (we wanted to see it all and we were late so we figured we'd outrun them). Sunday night I saw Ave Q with Lisa, Selina and Jeff. (I definitely recommend it!!!!! they're traveling right now so you can prob catch them wherever you are). Monday, we had bfast at jeff's (green eggs and .... well... bacon AND mimosas, bloody marys and guinness) and then went to bell and hand.

oh, here is the fun part - i left the bar at 5 pm b/c i had to make a presentation at school at 7 pm (and class started at 6). I somehow ended up in an ambulance around 5:50 pm - turns out i fell asleep on the wrong train. The details are much more amusing but I'm not in the mood to tell that story for the 100th time right now so feel free to ask me if you want to know. I ended up taking a cab home, changing into a suit and showing up at school just in time to make my presentation... and my classmates didn't even realize i'd been drinking :). RIght after the presentation, I ducked out - back to the bar (where I had left jeff with my family for several hours). Fortunately, Jeff was still alive. My sister and Arbi...well, i'll let them tell that story themselves. We hung out some more - drank a bunch more - and headed home pretty early. (Thats what happens when you start at 9 am)

anyway, really, the only reason i wrote all that was because i like my blogs to be semi chronological. the real news is that i got into the study abroad program at Bucerius (Hamburg, Germany) for Fall 08. LSKFJ:LSKFJ:LSKDJF:LSKFJD. I've never studied abroad. I'm so damn excited and so extremely freaked out at the same time. I've told a few people not to let me chicken out - because i will be tempted. My mom gave me the usual - "its your choice but...." and then pointed out several "concerns." But I'm not doing this again. I skipped out on Australia. I'm not skipping out on Germany. This is my last chance ever!

Oh and no, I don't speak a SINGLE word of German. NONE!

Who's coming to visit?

Friday, February 29, 2008

random 4 am rambling

So, I was just on my myspace blog and the ad on the side was an ad for "" Was it something I wrote that triggered that? Or does myspace use random advertising. I'm a little insulted. Is this because I was looking at expensive rings the other day????

on to my ramblings.

I was on the T today with Jeff and we were talking about... or maybe i shouldn't put words in his mouth as much... i was talking about the lack of manners in today's society. It doesn't just bother me... it depresses me. It seems like there are millions of kids running around the country right now who have no idea what manners are. How did the words please and thank you get lost in ONE generation? How come I learned to give up my seat for an elderly person but the kids ten, fifteen years younger just don't have a fucking clue?

I commented that in the 50's, even the most rebelious brat - the biggest punk on the block - was probably 100 times more polite or well mannered than today's kids.

Its just depressing. Its depressing that being a complete jackass in public is now acceptable. Pushing past people without so much as a little "excuse me" or "i'm sorry" is okay. In fact, I feel like people look at me strange for apologizing sometimes. And its not just the words. All these kids showed up at the statehouse a few days ago dressed in their usual school attire - no, i'm not referring to what you glendale people wear to school. think hoochie mama and saggy jeans and the whole bit. Does no one tell these kids that it might be a good idea to put some decent clothes on when you're going to meet with your Senator? wtf?

I don't know. Maybe i'm too sensitive. Maybe I'm too old school. Whatever it is, it just bugs me to see the lack of respect, courtesy, and just plain ole manners - knowing when something is appropriate and when its not. I mean, I was def guilty of wearing a hoochie mama outfit to some inappropriate function but my mom was always quick to pounce on me for it and eventually, you listen - you learn!

Anyway, the day didn't end so bad. I was at the gym and mostly listening to music but i happened to glance up at the TV just in time to catch this segment on this kid Andrew. Andrew has down syndrome. He has played bball since 4th grade and he still plays on his high school varsity team. The segment showed him at last night's championship game where he got to play the last few seconds of the game and take a shot. What was incredible to watch was how genuinely happy his teammates seemed. I'm sure there are a some aholes around but for the most part, the team was great - they were practicing with him and warming up with him and hanging out with him on the bench. He really was a part of the team. I'm so used to high school and college athletes being super competitive and egotistical - they usually resent the crappy player because he's just annoying - he ruins the game, screws up the flow of practice etc. But these guys showed none of that. Of course, it might have been b/c of the cameras but from what the coach and players and parents said - it seemed to be a pretty accurate picture of the team. Little things like that give me hope - when high school kids can be adult enough and compassionate enough to accept someone that is different (do you remember how "different" kids were treated at your school???)... well, i guess the world might just be okay.

gnite folks.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Snow... beautiful white fluff or disgusting mush

So, I was going to post a boring update on my life but then decided no one really cares anyway. But, then I read Quinn's Blog and decided I'd blog.

I'm still in love with the snow. I know - everybody hates it. Lisa would probably be happy to never see winter again. And Quinn makes some valid points about why snow sucks. I mean, the slipperyness is scary (and eating it in front of school is not so amusing for my ass). Not being able to wear heels kills all my outfits (then again, I have been known to known to wear heels in very wintery conditions - ski trip, this past weekend). And the crappy shoveling turns snow into mush so by the time you get to school your shoes are muddy and your socks are soaked (unless you're smart enough to get rain boots or something - and btw, californians, rain boots are not just for the rain. and uggs don't really cut it in a snow storm - not that i own any).

So ya, there are plenty of reasons to hate snow. But, its so awesome. It snowed all day friday - i don't think it even stopped for a minute. I just wanted to sit in bed all day and stare out my window (which is logistically a bit challenging but just fantasize with me). I think it might be all those "ski trips" (read: get drunk in a cabin for 3 days and go outside once for a drunken snowball fight). See, when you're in a cabin for a weekend with friends and family - you get to spend three days in sweats drinking hot chocolate and tea and eating yummy food and playing board games. And, when you feel like it, you can throw on some appropriate gear, run outside, make a few snow angels, throw a few snowballs, and call it a day. When I see snow here, I suddenly feel like I'm on a weekend retreat in the mountains. Snow days = lazy days. I just want to eat cookies and drink tea and stare at the big flakes falling.

Of course, I don't always get to lay around all day. I OCCASIONALLY have to do work or go to school or something crazy like that. But even at school, when the snow starts falling, I feel like my blood pressure drops. I'm less stressed, more relaxed - perhaps a little giddy. And, when I have to walk home from somewhere in the snow - I do what most people do - curse the snow, the mud, the sand and salt and whatever else they use, the slush, the snow trucks that can't plow properly, the idiots who don't shovel their sidewalk. Yes, I hate them all too. But, on Saturday morning - looking out at a snow covered Allston (probably the only time that ghetto looks pretty), I felt like I should be getting ready to open xmas presents. Snow = christmas too i guess. Aw. Where are my presents damnit? Then on nights like this - I love walking home in the freezing cold and seeing all the white snow thats still on the bushes and trees. The unmuddy stuff that still looks fresh (and edible). Oh, and I love seeing the kids sledding. On friday night, when I left the house (around 8 pm or so), there were kids sledding at the two parks near my house. You could hear them yelling and giggling blocks away. I was about to ditch everyone and join the kids. Damn block party.

Anyway, all else is well in my life. Perhaps I should mention that I had a great V-day. Best of both worlds - date + friends. My weekend was mediocre. It had the potential of being great but I was sick and cruddy feeling. I went to my Sacred Yoga class today. If you are ever in beantown, you must try this class out. I call it heaven on earth - because i'm lame and cheesy and don't know how else to describe it. But really - its an awesome class. You really don't want it to end and when it does, everyone walks out like a zombie - half asleep, dazed, content... dunno.

Oh, and lastly, I'm starting to plan for the summer. I'm getting a tad bit excited. PA will still suck but...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

just for fun...

I used to send emails to friends rather than blog.... (and by "used to" i mean - 2002-2003). Here is one from May 15, 2003.

Good Morning Comrades. It is 8:30am and I have just snuggled up in bed-ready for my two hour nap. At 6:45 this morning, Maria and I finally decided to leave the library and hit the DC (dining commons).

An adventurous night it was....I bumped into some glendale folk (non-ucb students) at 4:00 am cruising around school. And I managed to briefly peel myself away from the my dearest computer and solitaire in order to read the first of many books i need to read in the next few weeks.

I'd like to take this moment to add...DAWSON'S CREEK SUCKED!

**Random quotes taken out of context**
"Yuck! It's hard. I don't like them hard" (Maria)

I got to bang on the drums with the bums Monday night. I guess I should explain this one. The bums like to sit in the historical Sproul Plaza (think free speech movement) and bang away at garbage cans, buckets, baskets, tins and such items. They have an abundance of sticks and poles to drum with and they do this every night for a few hours. Its very rhythmic yet rather scary. In fact, the first time i heard it, i thought it was a cult (perhaps sacrificing a sheep).

Monday night, after a boba run, we (Maria and I) decided to join their percussion band and in no time we were banging away "finals stress." Of course, the cops came, smiled....then one stepped into the middle of the group and yelled, "STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP" at which point the "band leader" let out an almost anguished scream and all the bums slammed down their instruments and kicked a few buckets around (think of it as the grand finale!). They then thanked us and we thanked them and went along our separate ways. Some day you should all join me for some late night bum drumming.

**you know you are entering a new era when you walk by "people's park" (where all the bums are) and a cell phone turn to see a bum picking up a cell phone.**

many more stories i'd love to share with you someday- like the city council bum who argues that mickey ALSO has a village- in fact he has two! And the bums that wish you luck on your finals. And the many other interesting folks that make berkeley the wonderful (and hilarious) place it is. Call me up- i'll be in town in 10 days!

PS...Maria was talking about strawberries!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Days like this

I'm in love with this song... (and a few others)

It's snowing. Yay. Honestly, the last few weeks have started to feel like spring - warmer weather (not warm like California spring - of course - but high 30's and 40s). In fact, I went out on Superbowl Sunday wearing just a light jacket - no winter coat. But the thing that sucks about that in between spring weather is that - you don't get the benefits of warm weather and you don't get the pretty/fun snow. Its just blah. And rain. Who likes rain? I will take snow over rain any day!!!

So, I am sitting here in class watching these big white flakes floating through the sky. Its so much prettier than rain - rain just falls down - snow floats. Okay, I'm sure I don't need to sit here and describe snow to you but I can't help it. (Did I mention there are some really big flakes falling right now? It kinda looks like fake movie snow.)


So much other stuff going on in life. Most of it isn't really blog appropriate. But, lets just say its been interesting. I'm pretty excited about this semester… though at the same time I'm already freaking out at how much work I have to do (and haven't yet started to do).

School is good - my classes are - eh? One of them is pretty awful, one is quite dull. I have a class at the business school (I have never ever taken anything business related before) and I'm pretty excited about working with non-law students. Plus, although some people think it’s a dull class, for some reason, it’s the only class I really pay attention in. I also have the legislative clinic class. I started my internship at the state house yesterday. I'll be there twice a week. Its kinda nice to see everyone all formal - suits etc. I miss polished looking boys. I'm a big big dork but I get a little excited when I get off the T and am surrounded by nice dressed people all headed towards the state house - I feel special. Yes, I'm a loser. Leave me alone.

I went to the celtics game with the alum yesterday. I had a great time - met Leon Powe. Yada yada. There will be some great CACNE stuff going on this semester. Should be fun.

Oh ya, I also went to see Shoghaken Ensemble. I saw them at Berkeley a few years ago - they're still great. It was tough to sit still during the faster songs though. Now I'm just itching for an armenian party and armenian dancing… A week or so before that I went to this bar called the Mid East in Cambridge and they had belly dancing all night - but in between, they played some armenian music so we got to dance. That was fun too.

And there are now chanting children outside my window (oh ya, I'm finishing the blog at home).

I guess I should go do some work now. :\ Bleh. Who likes that?

You know you gotta see it
gotta see it to believe it
there goes a man with no agenda to defy
he don't got nothing
just the smile that he's giving
loud as a flower (?)

Know you gotta see it
see it to believe it
there goes a man with nothing on his mind
witness the clarity
transparent rarity (?)
sweet as a sparrow (?)

he said, its days like this
that hold me in bliss
with a kiss of a rain on my brow
here i am in the here and now
where i'll give you the shirt off my back
give you the shirt off my back
yes i will

you know you gotta see it
see it to believe it
there goes a man with nothing heavy on his heart
he don't want nothing
just the air that he's breathing
light as a feather

you know they wanna steal it
wanna steal his secret
because they don't believe that they already got it their in their heart
if they can steal it
they're gonna try to kill it

he said, its days like this
that hold me in bliss
with a kiss of the sun on my brow
here i am in the here and now
and i'll give you the shirt off my back
and give you the shirt off my back

he said, its days like this
that hold me in bliss
with a kiss of the snow here on my brow
here i am in the here and now
and i'll give you the shirt off my back
and give you the shirt off my back

Saturday, January 26, 2008

new years resolutions

new years resolutions...
seriously, i don't make resolutions - or not ceremoniously. But i sorta made a few in my head... eat healthy, work out, tone down the drinking and stay away from boys.

For some reason, I can't stick to that last one. I lasted a whole 20 days. TWENTY. WTF?

Men, shoes, and sushi... my weaknesses. Two of those will lead to my demise.

Someone help me.

On a brighter note, here is a note from my friend about the song on my page:
And the second verse's description of the girl with the MBA (alternatively, JD) with her plush corner office (alternatively, cozy cubicle), and the rock and roll streak when she gets agitated, jumps up on a bar and screams hell yeah?! I love the lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell who I'm thinking about : )

time to go jump up on a bar and scream hell ya!